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Learn why diets do not work and what to do to live in the body you love for good with no diets and why you are not releasing weight

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Free 3 Day Training and Live online workshop

Book your place in the workshop and learn to LIVE a DIETLESS LIFE and set yourself Free

In this workshop you will learn

The 5 steps that will take you closer to the body you love without having to diet ever again

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A quiz in which you will find out which type of eater you are. 😀

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Why I can help you?

I am Nuria Burgell, an accredited Dietless Life Coach, specializing in helping women improve their relationship with food to achieve a dietless life. With my guidance, clients are  empowered to make free  choices, as I believe that diets do not work. 

As a coach, I focus on helping middle-aged women love, respect, and recover their bodies. My approach is grounded in my own personal experiences of physical and emotional changes during my mid-forties, despite being a daily Pilates instructor.

These challenges inspired me to embark on a journey to a deeper understanding of the issues middle-aged women face.

Now at 57, I have made it my mission to guide and support
women through this  transitional stage and draw up a roadmap to navigate through it smoothly, fearlessly, and full of confidence.

Through my coaching, I strive to help women achieve a healthier, fuller, and more successful life in every aspect. With my expertise and compassionate guidance,you can embark on your own journey towards complete self-acceptance and self-love.

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Nuria Burgell

Founder of Healthy50's

DietLess Life Certified Coach

I will next see you in the 3 day free training

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, I will be sharing via Telegram , videos, audios and practical exercises for you to follow
And on Monday at 6:00 pm UK time, I will also be running an online live workshop via Zoom. ( You will recieve the link for the Zoom workshop ob the same day)

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Secure your spot now and learn to LIVE A DIETLESS LIFE AND SET YOURSELF FREE

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