Nuria Burgell

Life Coach, hypnotherapist and Dietless Life facilitator (accredited by Marisa Peer)

Creator of the Healthy50s programme

One of theTop 20 Life Coaches To Look Out For In 2023

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Hello Friend!!

sitges mig cos llarg

I am Nuria Burgell, a woman just like you, 57 years old, and what you will see is just as I am with no embellishments! I am as natural and without artifice as they come, and I enjoy helping women with all of the experience I’ve gained

I help women to fall in love with their bodies as a Life Coach

I come from the world of dance and movement which I’ve always relished, and I’ve been dedicated to wellbeing and teaching. 

I accompany women as a life coach and Pilates expert (specializing in female midlife). 

It makes me very happy to take you by the hand and guide you along a path I aim to make easy for you.

This is why I have created this space especially for you, women who are in the prior or post stage of menopause.

During the last 10 years I have been observing myself and other women in the same situation, I’ve studied all of the wrong steps to take as well as the best  solutions. 

Today, I can say that I am proud to be here in order to bring to you all of my  wisdom and experience.

That is why I have created this space for all of you, women who are about to enter the menopause stage or are already in it.

Most of us go through life looking after other people but; Who looks after yourself when your body and needs change unexpectedly?

Healthy 50's

How would you feel if I were to tell you that all you’ve lost as a result of being unaware how to handle the menopause period can be recovered? This is perfectly normal, as unknown as it was for you. I myself have been in this  situation and I have been through these changes, in my mind, body and  personal life.

The good news is that there is no reason for you to go through it alone, this is a community of generous non judgmental women with much love to share.  On this programme I’m going to help you, guide and accompany you over the course of this new facet of life, using various disciplines and accompanied by a team of other expert women.

In Healthy 50s you will learn to control your body and life, you will learn to  enjoy food without having to go back on a diet in your life! You will learn to  meditate, to listen to yourself inside, to love like it’s the love of your life, as this is YOU!

Membership Circle 50's

I want you to have a full and marvelous life, so that’s why I have created this  membership. Here we meet up and talk about what is going on in our lives, our health, reasons for our stress, everything concerning your health and welfare.  Here I will respond to all of your questions live and in person every two weeks.

Apart from (learning) meditation, learning how to care for yourself during the stage in which you find yourself now, share everything that is on your mind with me and I will be your guide… 

Additionally you will have a private facebook group only for this community where you will be able to learn and share and you won’t be alone again.

This is your sacred corner, where there is no room for judgment but there is for proactive and happy women. 

On special offer this month!

Membresía Círculo 50's

nuria burgell Pilates

Deseo que tengáis una vida plena y maravillosa, por eso he creado Wonderful , aquí nos reunimos y hablamos de lo que nos sucede en la vida, nuestro trabajo, familia, pareja. 

Además de practicar pilates, meditación o aprender a alimentación consciente

Este es el rincón sagrado de cada una de vosotras, donde no cabe el juicio y sí las mujeres proactivas y felices. 

Puedes venir acompañada o sola. La experiencia será Wonderful!!

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