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I had tried everything, including paleo, keto, raw food, diet pills, calorie counting, and punishing workouts during my pre menopause and post , and I have always been left feeling disappointed , restricted and frustrated till I started my Dietless life journey so with all my conviction I say to you here and now, join me on my cutting-edge program and reach your ideal weight with ease.

It has been  really my health culmination and the journey I have enjoyed the most, had the most fun, effortlessly, easily, enjoying every week more and more  and changed my life  for good as my weight now is the same as it was 20 years ago.

If you are fed up with all the weight loss gimmicks, fat loss tricks, and fad diets, and you are ready to experience lasting change, then read on…👇

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Why Your New Years Diet Won't Can't Work

Did you know that every time you restrict calories, you reduce the likelihood of your diet working? 

It sounds strange, but it’s because your resting metabolic rate decreases every time you diet and it doesn’t go up again when you stop. 

When you regain and start to carry excess weight, your resting metabolic rate drops even further, and this is the unspoken damage that dieting does to you.

Unfortunately, more dieting CAN’T fix this.

That’s a difficult reality to be facing… however I DO have some great news for you. 

We put together 30+ years in the diet and exercise  industry to offer you  something revolutionary called the Dietless Life

It’s very different from any other methods you may have tried. 

This is based on  experience and knowledge of helping real women meet and sustain their ideal weight with ease.

The proven method of hypnosis will not only help you increase your metabolic rate, but  also improve digestion and change your taste buds, leaving you preferring healthy food all the time. The best part? It won’t feel like hard work or restrictive.

The  unique method of hypnosis can increase your metabolic rate while changing your weight, shape, size, and relationship with food. Isn’t that what we all want after all?

I believe this is the most exciting thing to hit the weight loss market in years. 

The Dietless Life program addresses the real challenges of weight loss: losing and sustaining, consistent healthy choices, having the confidence to eat differently, and improving metabolic function—all without the need to diet

You benefit from  techniques developed during  30+ years in the diet and wellness industry helping people just like you transform their bodies.

_BEFORE AFTER Diertless life

“I finally got rid of my addiction to sugar which I was never aware of”

«For the first time in my life, I feel free, free from my past as I know what was driving my habits, but more than that, I finally feel free from my addiction to sugar.»

Núria Burgell

Who is Nuria?

Nuria Burgell, life coach and hypnotherapist specializes in helping women improve their relationship with food to achieve a dietless life.

With her guidance, clients are empowered to make free choices, as Nuria believes that DIETS DO NOT WORK.

Nuria has made it her mission to guide and support women through any transitional stage and draw up a roadmap to navigate through it smoothly, fearlessly, and full of confidence.

Through her coaching she strives to help women achieve a healthier, fuller and more successful life in every aspect.

With Nuria’s expertise and compassionate guidance, women can embark on their own journey towards complete self- acceptance and self -love.

Nuria is very excited to share the brand new- revolutionary dietless Life with you. It might just change the way you view yourself, your body and your weight.

Nuria Burgell

Founder of Healthy50's

DietLess Life Certified Coach

Now you may be wondering..

How is” Dietless Life” different from a Diet?

This 12 week program “resolves the underlying cause of overeating”

For years, the dieting industry has taken advantage of your biological desire to over -eat.

In fact, they profit from “body shaming” you and encourage you to engage in abusive behavior. 

This may look like promoting punishing workouts at the gym, encouraging you to cut out fat and certain food groups, restricting everything you eat by going on an appetizing soup or shake diet , living on meal replacement bars and highly processed diet foods … know that these options can t  work.

I believe the only way to have the body you love is to love the body you have. The first step is to treat your body with respect and care.

The techniques within Dietless life come from a place of self respect and NOT abuse and this is how you generate lasting change.

This is something the diet industry has completely ignored for their own benefit.

Working with me through this program, you can be confident that I will guide you towards effortlessly achieving your ideal weight and I will help you maintain it.

Dietless life is not another Diet, it is a system for change that harnesses the power of your mind and resets your eating habits and behaviors.

Dietless program is an Easy-to-follow
3-step process



 I will coach you on using strategies and techniques to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Each week I will show you strategies that enable you to become and stay diet free.


Every thought you think is a blueprint that your mind and body work to make real. (Marisa Peer)

In this program, you will receive a powerful live hypnosis every week where I will hypnotize you to think differently.

This can change your relationship with food, which will change your weight, shape and size.

I will be sending you our hypnosis audios so that you can play them at home to code in the changes that occur during the hypnosis sessions.

Playing regularly, is designed to wire in permanent change outside of the weekly session.


These changes occur within your subconscious mind.

By listening to the audios,you will start seeing your transformation happen quickly, first in your mind, then in  your body.

Move closer every day toward the NEW YOU!

Finally feel free from the need to diet and be failed by diets.


Benefits from the program:

What does the program include?

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She went to Dietless journey and she tells us about it


She went to Dietless journey and she tells us about it


Are you ready to stop dieting for the rest of your life?

Begin your Dietless Life journey today at this Special Offer Price

Join and effortlessly become the weight, shape and size you want to be without punishing your body and feeling full of guilt, shame and blame.

Secure your spot now and let us transform your life together.

If despite eating healthily you keep on putting weight on, if you hide yourself to eat so other people can not see you, if you are addicted to sugar or have been dieting for years but nothing seems to work for you, join DIETLESS LIFE and eradicate whatever it is which has not let you shred those pounds.

Welcome to your absolute freedom of choice and to keep on shedding pounds without knowing how it is happening

For the next few weeks together you will be able to change your relationship with food forever.

This program will be a before and an after in your life, a safe place where you will find out the root cause of your overweight , addiction to sugar or low energy and will swift it forever.

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